Dear Taz,

My dearest Taz, you will always be my first dog. I know that you weren’t really mine, but my heart was always yours, since the first time I met you in that basement. It was a cold February night and you and Oz were curious to see who this new person in your lives was going to be. I admit it, I was scared of you. Hands in my pocket, all I wanted to do is run up the stairs and get away from you. And your sniffing too close for comfort did not help.
I can’t even remember the first time when I fell in love with you. I do, however, remember the first time I took both of you for a walk without a leash (silly me), and you bolted from me as soon as we were out of the house! Thank God for Oz who brought you back. But then I understood that you just wanted to be free for a bit, and I was a sorry excuse for a dog owner. Good for you for testing your boundaries!
I will always remember our long walks to the grocery store, our playing in the park, our games in front of the fireplace, our summer vacation on the secluded beach, our camping trip when you were the only thing to keep me warm. I will remember it all, I promise.
You gave me so much, I could never tell you how much. You opened my eyes to this wonderful world of dogs, and I will never look at a dog again the same way. Thank you for that.
Well, I hope you’re going now to a better place with no pain whatsoever. You don’t deserve any pain, as you’ve always brought just joy in my life. And Oz is there as well, waiting for you, so you’ll be together again. And even if I can’t be there with you, I hope that you’ll get a hug and you’ll know that it’s from me as well.
Good-bye, my first canine love, my sweet Taz!

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