Dear huggers,

Can there be anything more harmonious than a hug? When two bodies come together for a hug, they each give up a little bit of themselves to the person they’re hugging, and receive in return a piece of that person back. The heads are in harmony, one to the left, one to the right. The arms are in harmony, some up, some down. The smiles are in harmony, both uplifting. And the breath and the heartbeat will come to be in harmony, if the hug is long enough. 

The only unharmonious thing about hugs is the end. There’s always someone who wants to linger a little longer, and someone who wants to pull out first. Which one are you?

Dear Rain,

I guess it takes one living in a tropical climate to appreciate you. Vancouver, to be precise. Where you visit almost on a daily basis for about nine months out of the year. 

And while you bring on umbrellas and wellies, and rainproof apparel, you also bring clean air and dark green living vegetation everywhere. And when in May you finally stop to show up on a daily basis, you bring beautifully coloured flowers that smell amazing.

I learnt how to love you, eventually.

Oh, hummingbird

One moment she’s here, then next she’s somewhere else

Now she’s frozen in mid-air

Then flying away

The most elegant of movements

Now you see her, now you don’t

Hummingbird and strelitzia flower

Both colourful, both aiming for the sky

One free, one connected to the earth but wishing to be free