Dear Canada,

It’s been ten years since I first landed here. Ten whole years since I flew over the Atlantic from Vienna to Montreal, over a couple of magical places I only read about: the Bermuda Triangle with its mysterious disappearances, and Labrador, the land of one of my favourite childhood character, Apolodor, a penguin from Labrador. Who knew that twenty years later I would actually fly over Labrador? I didn’t even know (forgive my ignorance) that Labrador was a real place!

I like you, Canada, and (mostly) everything you stand for: diversity, acceptance, greatness, nature conservation, beauty.

I travelled from the tip of the Gaspesie peninsula (Rocher Perce) all the way to Tofino, BC, and I’ve enjoyed every minute and mile of it. I liked your East Coast with the lighthouses in Northern Quebec.  I liked your whales on the ocean. I liked your majestic waterfalls at Niagara. I really liked your capital city, both in winter (oh, Rideau Canal) and summer (with its ByWard Market at dusk). I liked your train rides and flying across it from Montreal to Vancouver on a cold February day. I liked your Olympic cauldron by the sea. I liked the never-ending blue skies and snow-covered mountains. And I love your West Coast sunsets. I liked swimming in two out of your three oceans (because, let’s be serious, no dipping my toes in the Arctic Ocean). I enjoyed eating ethnic foods that I never knew existed (raw fish, anyone?).

I appreciated each and every opportunity you offered me, from learning, to working and eventually owning a business. And I thank you for all the wonderful people I met here, who turned into life-long friends or business partners.

I am now looking forward to learning how to ski, to crossing the Rocky mountains by train, to swim in the Kelowna lake, and to take a wine tour in the Okanagan. And to as many wonders as possible coming my way.

Thank you for a wonderful ten years, Canada! And here’s to the next ten years!

One thought on “Dear Canada,

  1. 2019 update: I didn’t learn how to ski in Canada, but later in Romania 🙂 I did swim in the Kelowna Lake and did a winery tour of the Okanagan. I still have something to look forward to: crossing the Rocky Mountains one day, most likely by train, and stopping in Banff and Jasper!

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