Dear 2013,

I am so glad that you are almost over. I am relived that I don’t have to say two-thousand-thirteen anymore. Such a tongue twister! 2014 sounds much better, doesn’t it? Not to mention that in 2014 in June I will be celebrating 10 years of Canadian life and earlier in March four years of life on the West Coast!

So, dear 2013, I guess you have been a good enough year to me. I met a new good friend that I have lots in common with, Monica from Mexico. I met all the cool people at Strutta and ended up doing so many new and exciting things I didn’t even know existed, let alone me being able to do most of them! I met other beautiful people like Renee who wants to stay in touch with me. I have been welcomed with open arms in Strutta and they think of me as their culture bearer, which is probably the most important compliment everyone has ever paid me! I moved to a better place and I now enjoy a beautiful sunny, yet small, apartment on the 6th floor somewhere in the Olympic Village, overlooking Vancouver with its beautiful City Hall Tower Clock. I finally said good-bye to Mr. B and even posted an online dating profile, although I still have my doubts about the effectiveness of it all. Like they say, I prefer to meet someone the old fashion way, through alcohol and poor judgement. I don’t want to be interviewed for the position of a girl-friend/step mom or to select candidates for the position of partner.

All in all, you have been a pretty interesting period in my life. I am certain I have gained experience and evolved in some ways, even though it is hard to see what exactly I have achieved this year, but let me try and count the ways:

– left a job that didn’t satisfy me; actually, make that two

– drove in car2go around the city to gain more driving experience

– started my own RRSP and other savings initiative

– moved into a brand new apartment that I find too big (and yes, too expensive)

– paid my debts and started rebuilding my track record after the disaster from the years past

– did yoga at Moksha and got celebrated as the longest lasting ambassador there

– ran two races this year: the Sun Run in April and Run for the Cure in October

– met a very promising sci-fi writer, David Simpson, who lives in Vancouver and got a personalized autographed book from him

– travelled a bit, to Seattle by train and to Portland by plane, and to the island to Port Alberni

– played with so many dogs at work and at Christina’s, and I still miss Taz, my first canine love

– had a wonderful summer on the beaches around Vancouver, on my bike, in the sun

You have been good to me, 2013. I shall celebrate my successes and I shall learn from my mistakes. And I shall make 2013 count.

Here’s to another year-long trip around the Sun next year!

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