Dear WordPress,

I am turning over a new leaf and committing to a blog once again. But I didn’t want my previous posts to be lost, so I am moving them over here. See here:

There has been a one-year gap already, but I believe that I have many things to say.

I run into beautiful and inspiring people in my life for a reason: Luca Fogale, the musician who plays during our hot yoga music classes, and Pauline Caballero, who just started writing a blog, just to name a few.

I think my creative talent lies in putting together two different ideas to create something new, either in writing or crafting. Luca asked to read what I’ve written. Pauline inspired me to take hot yoga, running, doing the Grind, and now blogging.

So, dear WordPress, there must have been a good reason for us to meet. I’m glad I ran into you and I am willing to share my deepest thoughts, fears, and hopes with you. Take good care of them, will you?

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